The unique and effective graffiti removal solutions used by Graffiti Removal Ltd are our own products which we are proud to manufacture here in the uk.

We have two solutions that have been specifically manufactured to enable us to remove graffiti from porous surfaces using low pressure jet washing so as not to cause damage: Spraycan Graffiti Remover and Heritage Graffiti Remover.

We have two other products that will also remove graffiti from sensitive, non-porous surfaces without causing damage: Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover and Trace & Ghost Remover.

We also supply a gel for removing thick graffiti or paint spills – Transgel.

The last product in our basic system is a water-based impregnation called Graffiti Protect.

All of the products in our range are REACH compliant, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

Our graffiti removal chemicals and other specialist (Rocan) cleaning solutions are available through our online shop. You can also call to speak to one of our experts and order over the phone if you prefer.

Graffiti Removal Solutions

Our specialist graffiti removal solutions have very specific and distinctive purposes. With just five products in the range this makes our process both simple to understand and use.

Find out more about each of our five core products below.

Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover

This solution is designed to remove graffiti from all sensitive surfaces. It is simply applied by brush and wiped off with a damp cloth. Sensitive Surface will remove all marker pens, posca markers and most aerosol spray can paints from all non-porous sensitive surfaces, without causing any damage. It can be used to clean Perspex (including bus shelters), poly-carbonate surfaces, road signage (including most reflective signs), playground equipment and utility boxes, to name but a few surfaces.

Spraycan Paint Remover

Spraycan Paint Remover is designed for the removal of aerosol Spraycan graffiti from all porous surfaces. This unique product gently dissolves graffiti which can then be washed off using a low pressure, preferably warm, jet washer. It can be used to clean all porous surfaces, including; brickwork, sandstone, concrete, breeze block, pebble dash, marble and limestone. It enables Spraycan graffiti to be removed in it’s entirety (no “ghosting” or shadows) and without causing any damage. Take a look at the video clips to see this solution in action!

Heritage Graffiti Remover

This is a specialist product that has been designed for use on heritage buildings, monuments and statues. It is used to clean all forms of porous heritage surfaces, but is especially useful when used as part of our low pressure system for cleaning sandstone. Due to the way the solution works it enables highly porous sandstone to be cleaned without leaving any shadows or “ghosting”. It is currently the only solution that is allowed to be used on the sandstone that makes up the World Heritage area that is Central Edinburgh.

Trace and Ghost Remover

Trace & Ghost Remover is actually designed to remove any ghosting that is left on sensitive surfaces (remember that our Spray can Paint Remover and Heritage Graffiti Remover enable us to clean non-porous surfaces without leaving any ghosting). Graffiti removers use it at the stage that most graffiti removal companies would call it a day to clean up the residue of burned in markers from all surfaces, in particular painted and plastic surfaces, marble and granite, concrete, terrazzo and stone all without damage. It is especially useful for removing all forms of marker pens from porous surfaces, including sandstone!

Transgel Graffiti Remover

Transgel is designed to remove old, thick and sun baked graffiti from porous surfaces, graffiti from tarmac, graffiti from galvanised shuttering and other galvanised sufaces, murals from wooden fences, road marker paint and thicker paints such as gloss paint. Can also be used for paint spillages.

All of our removers are REACH compliant, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.