We’ve been lucky enough to work with many Councils, contractors, cleaning companies and large FM Companies throughout the UK and parts of Europe. Here’s what some of them have to say about Graffiti Removal Ltd:

The guys were very complimentary about the course and are very enthusiastic about the future benefits their knowledge and your products can bring to our company.

Please check our Facebook and LinkedIn pages where we have praised your training and products.
— Ian Robson, Progress Cleaning Services Ltd

It was a pleasure to meet yourself and Bernie yesterday and Myself, Steve and Charlie all really enjoyed the course.

Thank you once again for yesterday we all learnt a lot from the day.
— Tony Travi, Property Support Services

Thanks so much for your extremely helpful response. Your professionalism and enthusiasm to help and advice is rarer than you might think. I’ve been on a few training days over the years to help with different services I offer, and once you’ve paid your money and completed the training day(s), some aren’t so enthusiastic to stay in touch. So huge thanks again, and especially for providing your mobile number too (although I would go out of my way not to bother you on a weekend)

I’m optimistic that my graffiti removal add on is going to make a good profit.

I’m looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with you and your company John.
— Nick, Prestige External Cleaning

I would just like to say thank you for a great easy to understand training day yesterday.
I look forward to using your products and working with you in the future.
— Baileys Specialist Cleaning Services Ltd

Many thanks for the delivery of our new ‘Graffiti Removal’ vehicle. Outstanding quality and design.
For around 8 years now Graffiti Removal Ltd have supplied top quality Training, support, advice, vehicles, and of course the best products.
A great all round personal service.
Looking forward to working together in the future.
— Simon - Area Manager, Street Cleansing Derby

A good course, as normal it showed a number of holes in our team’s operation which we are now addressing.

Once again thanks for a great session and two employees who are a credit to your company.
— Ian

Having struggled to get graffiti removed from a pebbledash wall (even the experts declined the job as too difficult), we ordered the Spraycan Graffiti Remover online, having spoken to John Cooper of Graffiti Removal Ltd, who assured us it would work.

The product arrived next day, and within 3 hours the job was done - no scrubbing required! Magic! We would definitely recommend the company and the product to anyone - the customer service and support is excellent, and the product “does just what it says on the tin”!
— Ian and Kay

You see all things in the hire business but we have never had to deal with graffiti. Initially my thoughts were to just book the vehicle in for a full re-spray which would have cost over £1500 but I decided first to ‘google it’ We found Graffiti Removal Limited who were actually only 2 miles away from our yard. I didn’t think they would be able to work on vehicles and just assumed that they worked on buildings etc.

Our hires were fully booked days ahead and we really needed the van back asap. John was very knowledgeable and booked us in the next day. Within 6 hours we collected the van and were just totally astonished, no remnants, no removal marks, not a blemish. Our van was looking like new and the price was several times cheaper than the re-spray quote we had been given. We are so over the moon with the van and the quick turnaround which saved us losing more money.

I am so glad to have found Graffiti Removal Ltd and won’t hesitate in recommending them or using them again, but hopefully we won’t need to!! Thanks again guys, We are ever so grateful.
— Bob Douglas Van Hire

The course was very good gaining extra knowledge on graffiti removal the tutors were also good in explaining in detail,
I was also impressed with removal materials they use compared to ours was a lot easier/quicker than ones we use so yes overall was a
great success’. Personally I thought the course was very good. Training was excellent. Really enjoyed it.
— Bracknell Forest Homes

As you are aware we purchased two of your bespoke graffiti removal vehicles on 4.6 ton Iveco chassis at the end of 2009. The two vehicles have been in service now for around a year and we know that we have brought the right product to keep us at the forefront of graffiti removal for many years to come.

The vehicles are very eye catching to the general public due to the vinyl design we had added and constantly draw in positive comments which means the public know that we are out there tackling graffiti in a professional way therefore increasing customer satisfaction levels.

Health and Safety was a primary factor when selecting the vehicles. The fact that there is no trailer and all the ancillary equipment is stowed away within the neat, efficient and easy to use body goes a long way to reducing any risks and staying safe.

From the outset the team at Graffiti Removal Ltd have impressed us with their versatility and have accommodated all of our comprehensive requirements. After sales service and backup has also been second to none.

The operators of the vehicle are very pleased with the product. Quite simply it ‘does what is says on the tin’ and means they can do their jobs without all the hassles associated with standard graffiti removal tools. The machines are extremely versatile. We also use them for cleaning up spillages and street washing. Due to the bespoke design and build it means the operators can do any graffiti removal job and more in a much quicker time increasing their productivity considerably. Since the introduction of the machines the streets of Harrow have never looked so clean.

For us the machines have proved to be very cost efficient without any compromise on quality. Only the best durable components have been used during manufacture.

Thank you Graffiti Removal Li for providing us with a great product and service.
— Harrow Council

We use our Graffiti Removal Ltd supplied vehicle on a daily basis covering a variety of graffiti removal jobs, it’s compact and easy to manoeuvre around the narrow streets of the city centre.

We have found the vehicle to be very reliable. The layout of it is user friendly, and allows us to carry out removal jobs efficiently with plenty of storage and allows us to transport and use chemicals safely.

The team at Graffiti Removal Ltd are always on hand to offer advice and additional training and are always looking at ways to further improve the service and equipment they provide
— Brighton and Hove City Council

What a pleasure to find such a helpful and knowledgeable company. Thank you for the advice and products.
— Christopher Turner

Thank you for taking the time to train our staff yesterday. I have spoken to a couple of them this morning and they said they really enjoyed the course, they said it was well presented in practical and theory. I did tell them that it was a good course and they would enjoy it and how it was presented and I was not let down. So once again Thank You very much. Will be in touch soon for some of them wipes in a packet the lads are interested in trying.
— Paul Lilley

We had lots of very interesting discussions on the way home - the product has made an excellent impression on the guys and I am sure they will be looking for opportunities all over the place!!

The course was excellent, the overall pace and content was superb and we all got a great deal from it - especially when seeing the product in action - who could not fail to be impressed!!

We are also looking forward to getting some traction going and winning a few good deals.
— Rapid Environmental Services

Thanks to your excellent products, we can deliver Outstanding results‎ every time.
— Christopher Turner

I have just used the Spraycan Graffiti Remover. I can report that it does everything you said it would. 3 applications of the remover, 5 minutes with the pressure washer and the graffiti totally removed! We also had some old partially removed graffiti, which had ghosted. This was removed in minutes as well! Please feel free to use these comments on your website or any other medium, as your product is worth every penny.
— Chris Green

Further to the massive success’s achieved by your products (which have done my career status a huge favour). FYI The success’s demonstrated by using your products are being promoted within the Housing Trust as a “Good news story” which will lead to a massive influx of removal requests, so expect big orders.
— Halton Housing Trust

Thank you Graffiti Removal Ltd - I’m absolutely amazed at your product! It took me 5 minutes to remove the graffiti from my van and only used 1 x 6 pack. Very happy!
— Doug Coppell

J. H. and I used the spray equipment (H.V.L.P.) this morning to paint railings on the through route of Kings Lynn. We managed to spray 20 railings both sides in 2 hours, if we had used paint brushes and rollers it could have taken 2 days.
— Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council

Our removal rate prior to the Graffiti Removal Ltd system was, say, 350 tags per month. After we took on GR Ltd, our rate went up to 1,200 to 1,500........ Cambridge is a clean City. We do a good job and we have the best chemicals to do it with”.
— Cambridge City Council

Although we’ve tried out a number of other chemicals we haven’t found any others that match the effectiveness of Graffiti Removal Limited’s. My team are always confident that they are capable of removing any and all graffiti with no ghosting. We have received a number of excellent training courses and continue to receive excellent advice and support on demand”.
— Brighton and Hove City Clean

The system is quick and efficient, washed away using low pressure water jets. Having been one of the first local authorities to use the products, we have found to be cost effective. As our records show, we have at least doubled the amount of graffiti we are removing during the course of a day. Just as important is the good reliable after sales service. Graffiti Removal Ltd are a friendly team who are prepared to work with you, offer an excellent training programme and are only a phone call away should you require advice, no matter what the problem.
— Oxford City Council

Being involved with Graffiti Removal Ltd, Mansfield District Council has a high regard for their highly efficient professional training they provide in graffiti removal, both in material and vehicle usage. Without their dedication to detail and professionalism, we would not be able to meet out National Indicator Targets. A great team and great support thank you Graffiti Removal Ltd
— Mansfield District Council

The Graffiti Removal Ltd training day is one of the best I’ve been on. It was put across very well. Every aspect from use of the system to the H&S was straight forward, easy to understand and informative and the practical demonstrated how good the system is.

Not too formal and held in a relaxing environment. Very worthwhile and I would recommend it to any employer.
— Graffiti Away

I Just wanted to say thank you for the training – very informative and interesting. I really thought that the set up you have is excellent and I hope that any future training events are a great success.
— Reading Council

I’ve attached a few before pictures………no point in sending after pictures because there’s nothing to see! Thanks again for your training course and hope you are getting lots of business.
— Alan Russell, Mitar Environmental Services Limited