Graffiti Protect - Porous Surface Protection

Porous Surface ‘Graffiti Protect’ Coating
Porous Surface ‘Graffiti Protect’ Coating

Graffiti Protect - Porous Surface Protection


5 Litres

‘Graffiti Protect’ is a protective surface treatment that acts as a repellent to oil, Graffiti, water and other liquids. It is water borne, silicon free and non-toxic.

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How to Use


  • Apply as thickly as possible to the graffiti.

  • Leave to dwell for a minimum of 20 minutes; longer may be necessary in some circumstances.

  • Agitate with a nylon scrubber if the graffiti is very thick.

  • Rinse with a jet washer; best results will be obtained if this is hot.

  • In extreme situations Transgel can be left to work overnight as it will not generally dry out. This should only be done where it is safe to do so.

  • Once the thick layers of graffiti have been removed from porous surfaces using Transgel, the residue can be removed using Spraycan Paint Remover.

  • You will find Transgel particularly effective against white and yellow spraycan paints.