Removing paint spillages

For contractors, paint spillages are one of the biggest challenges

It can depend on how long the paint has been there, type of paint spilt, what surface it is on etc.

Paint spillages are generally thick paint so a gel is needed rather than liquid graffiti removers.

Firstly scrape off the thick paint and dispose of correctly.

Then brush on the gel and leave to work for 10-15 minutes.

This should be enough time for the gel to break down the remaining paint.

Agitate with a nylon bristled scrubbing brush before washing off with low pressure.

If there is any paint left in the pours of the surface apply Spraycan graffiti remover (except tarmac) as a final procedure and rinse down after application.

On tarmac cold water should be used instead of hot.

Transgel should be used on porous surfaces only.

Transgel can be found on the products page along with the down load of the usage sheet with full instructions.

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