Removing graffiti from portland stone

For removal of graffiti from Portland stone, Bath stone and all other very porous surfaces our Heritage graffiti remover should be used…

Being a very porous surface it is best to apply several flood coats and leave to work for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off with low pressure hose or jet washer.

Trace & Ghost remover should be applied if the graffiti is marker pen. Apply Trace & Ghost by brush and leave on until the graffiti is gently bleached out.

Usage sheets with full details can be down loaded when you click on each product in the online shop.

All our products are REACH compliant, biodegradable, have no shelf life so can be stored for long periods and they save water due to only requiring a low pressure rinse down after application of the product.

All products can be used in the rain and freezing conditions.