Removing graffiti from heritage buildings

Our ‘Heritage graffiti remover’ does exactly what it says in the name.

It is designed to remove graffiti from Historic buildings such as churches, listed buildings, listed bridges, gravestones, monuments, Statues and all other Heritage buildings.

This product was extensively tested in Edinburgh and we became the only graffiti removal company authorised to work on and around Edinburgh Castle from the results achieved.

The surfaces you will be removing from on this type of cleaning will often be very soft i.e. Sandstone, Limestone.

Our ‘non-damage’ graffiti removal system is ideally suited to removing graffiti from Heritage buildings as it only requires low pressure to rinse down after application of the removal products.

Removing graffiti from Heritage buildings can be specialist removal so we are always here to help with advice should you need it.

We also feature removal from Heritage buildings on our certificated Training course. Please see our training page for details.

‘Heritage graffiti remover’ is REACH compliant, biodegradable, has no shelf life so can be stored for long periods and saves water due to only requiring a low pressure rinse down after application of the product.

It can be even be used in the rain and freezing conditions.