Removing graffiti from concrete

Removing graffiti from concrete can be one of the most challenging jobs especially when it is old graffiti.

The video above shows how easy it can be with our ‘Spraycan graffiti remover’.

Flood coats may be required as shown in the video however some graffiti will disappear in front of your eyes as soon as you apply the product.

For especially stubborn graffiti on concrete where the first coat leaves a slight shadow just repeat the application process once more.

It is important not to let the product dry out after application.

We are available for any help or advice should you need it.

Spraycan graffiti remover is our most popular product as it removes graffiti from all pourus unpainted surfaces.

As all of our products Spraycan graffiti remover is REACH compliant, biodegradable and is non damage only requiring a low pressure rinse after application.