Trace & Ghost Remover


Supplied in 1x 1 litre.

Trace & Ghost Remover is actually designed to remove any ghosting that is left on sensitive surfaces (remember that our Spraycan Paint Remover and Heritage Graffiti Remover enable us to clean porous surfaces without leaving any ghosting).

For ghosting on non-porous surfaces and felt pen graffiti on all surfaces.

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How to Use

Cleaning sensitive surfaces

  • Pour a small quantity in to a small pot.
  • After removing as much graffiti as possible using Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover, apply a thick layer of Trace & Ghost Remover with a nylon brush. Leave it to work.
  • Trace & Ghost will fade the remaining graffiti out. Sometimes this happens over the course of a few minutes, sometimes it takes longer.
  • Once the ghosting has disappeared the surface should be wiped with a damp towelling cloth.

Cleaning porous surfaces

  • Trace & Ghost remover can be used to remove the residue of marker pens from porous surfaces.
  • First remove as much graffiti as possible using Spraycan Paint Remover.
  • Apply a couple of coats of Trace and Ghost Remover to the surface and leave it to work.
  • The time that it will take to work will vary from job to job. In the worst cases this may need to be re-applied over several days.

Click here to download Trace & Ghost Remover Usage Guide