Heritage Graffiti Remover


Supplied in 1x 5 litres (£17.55 per litre).

This is a specialist product that has been designed specifically by our Australian partners for use on heritage buildings, monuments and statues.

For Churches, Gravestones, Monuments and all other Heritage buildings.


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How to Use

Step 1:

  • Heritage Graffiti Remover should be decanted into a smaller vessel and is then applied liberally over the graffiti using a nylon brush.
  • Three flood coats should be applied, with just a minute’s gap between applications.
  • Slight agitation may give better results.
  • Do not allow the solutions to dry out. If it does dry, simply apply one more coat prior to washing the graffiti off.
  • On highly porous sandstone, or on very old or sun baked graffiti the solution should be given up to 10 minutes dwell time. The rule of thumb for best results in these situations is “the longer and wetter the better”.

Step 2:

  • Jet wash the graffiti off using hot or cold water at low pressure.
  • It may be necessary to repeat the process and allow further dwell time.

Click here to download Heritage Graffiti Remover Usage Guide