Graffiti System

Graffiti Removal Ltd has designed and customised the worlds best graffiti cleaning system. Here you may find information on the graffiti removal methods, graffiti chemicals/solutions and systems to clean graffiti from any surface including brick, stone, glass and painted surfaces.

Graffiti Chemicals and Solutions / Specialist graffiti chemicals and solutions available to the trade and public

Graffiti removal chemicals and cleaning solutions are now available through our online store and direct to the trade or public. Chemicals are made specifically for us by a contracted company and the make-up of the solution is a closely gaurded secret. Councils and contractors across the UK are using our specialist graffiti chemicals because they just work.
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Graffiti Removal Processes / Cleaning processes used to remove graffiti from any surface

Using four very distinctive methods for cleaning graffiti, we are able to remove graffiti from almost any surface. We have designed these processes to be used in conjunction with our graffiti removal chemicals to give the best possible results.

The four methods are;

  • Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover
  • Spraycan Paint Remover
  • Heritage Graffiti Remover
  • Trace & Ghost Remover

The processes are designed to work seperately or together. Click here to read more on processes