Graffiti Removal Services

As well as supplying over 200 UK Councils with our graffiti removal solutions we cover the UK Nationally for graffiti cleaning, chewing gum removal, and public wc cleaning.

National Graffiti Cleaning

We use our non-damage system which removes all types of graffiti including from limestone, sandstone, Brickwork, plastic signage, Perspex, motor vehicles etc. without the use of high pressure or abrasives. We also carry out specialist work such as graffiti cleaning of heritage buildings and monuments/war memorials etc.

We cover all of the UK and remove all types of graffiti from Heritage buildings and Monuments without damage and leaving no ghosting or shadows. The fact that we don’t use high pressures or abrasives means that we can clean old stonework without causing damage. This is the only graffiti removal system that is authorised for use on the World Heritage sandstone that makes up central Edinburgh.

Paint on vehicles provides a different kind of challenge. Paintwork on cars and commercial vehicles in the past have required expensive resprays. We remove all graffiti from motor vehicles without the need of expensive resprays. Our

Sensitive Surface graffiti remover is designed to remove graffiti from all sensitive surfaces without damage.

We clean for residential and commercial customers.

All of our solutions are REACH & CHIP compliant, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

Please call 01256 883029 to discuss your requirements.