External Training Courses

Fully Qualified Graffiti Removal Training – For graffiti removers of all levels

Graffiti Removal Ltd offers the following two options;

1. Induction Course

This covers a brief overview of graffiti, explodes the myth that graffiti can only be removed using either harsh chemicals or high pressure water, and provides users with an understanding as to why our unique graffiti removal solutions work so well. Needless to say time is also spent covering health and safety.

The induction course is a mixture of “classroom” and practical hands on graffiti removal training, carried out at a venue to suit you.

Course duration is tailored to your experience level.

Cost for up to 5 candidates – Please Call 01256 883 029 for more information and prices

2. Train the trainer

This course resulted from the need within larger councils to be able to on-train the system, thereby meeting the needs of staff turnover.

It is an expanded version of the induction course which enables candidates to take sufficient notes to be able to run a training course of their own. It is aimed at candidates with at least 6 months experience of physical graffiti removal using the Graffiti Removal Ltd system; it also includes a brief overview of presentation skills, along with the supporting paperwork required to run a course;

  • 1. Electronic set of usage sheets
  • 2. Electronic copy of Health and Safety check list
  • 3. Electronic copy of the current “Hints and Tips” sheet.
Course duration is tailored to your experience level.

Cost for up to 5 candidates, ideally including first line supervisor – Please call for prices

If you would like further information on our certificated courses please call 01256 883 029

Many thanks for the delivery of our new ‘Graffiti Removal’ vehicle. Outstanding quality and design.

For around 8 years now Graffiti Removal Ltd have supplied top quality Training, support, advice, vehicles, and of course the best products.
A great all round personal service. Looking forward to working together in the future.

Simon Aitken – Area Manager, Street Cleansing

Derby City Council

I Just wanted to say thank you for the training – very informative and interesting.

I really thought that the set up you have is excellent and I hope that any future training events are a great success.

Kind regards and thanks again

Chris Camfield – Head of Street Cleansing, Reading

The Graffiti Removal Ltd training day is one of the best I’ve been on. It was put across very well. Every aspect from use of the system to the H&S was straight forward, easy to understand and informative and the practical demonstrated how good the system is. Not too formal and held in a relaxing environment. Very worthwhile and I would recommend it to any employer or user of ‘The World’s Best Graffiti Removal System’
Mike Marris

Graffiti Away Complete Certification