Chemical Solutions

These solutions have been specifically manufactured to enable us to remove graffiti from porous surfaces using low pressure jet washing so as not to cause damage. We also remove graffiti from sensitive, non-porous surfaces without causing damage.

The basic system comprises of four solutions. Two of these are specifically designed to remove graffiti from all porous surfaces. These are applied by brush and then gently rinsed off with water and low pressure , ideally although not essentially hot water.

These graffiti removal solutions do not leave ghosting on porous surfaces.

We estimate that the system uses up to a quarter of the water of most other systems.

The other two solutions are designed for the removal of graffiti from more sensitive surfaces. This includes the ability to clean substrates such as Perspex (bus shelters), road signage and pre-painted surfaces without causing any ‘fogging’ or damage to the underlying surface.

We supply one specialist solution which is designed to remove thicker paints, but can also be used to remove graffiti from tarmac and galvanised shuttering without damage.

All of our removers are REACH and CHIP compliant, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

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